Don’t get your Theology from Theaters

Theology is the study of God based on ancient spiritual documents such as the Bible, designed for God’s glorification and humanities education and edification. Movies are based on human imagination for human entertainment. Even when movies claim to be “based on a true story” the writers, producers and directors add “embellishments” with literary license that any court of law could otherwise call liable and slanderous.

Such is the case with the movies, “Son of God” and “Noah”. While each has redeemable aspects usually early on in each movie, neither movie mentioned, emphasized nor touched on the most important biblical facts and details of the stories of Jesus Christ or Noah. Namely that Jesus is not just the Son of God. He is God the son having come into the world not just because God so loved the world but that he came to save the world through him by dying on the cross as an eternal atonement for people’s sins and was crucified not just because he claimed to be the Christ; the Messiah; which is to claim to be God incarnate, or because he claimed to be the King of the Jews, but was crucified as the sole provider of God’s salvation plan for humanity. The movie left out these important and certain biblical facts about Jesus Christ.

The movie “Noah” is a few steps down from Son of God, as it starts out generally on a biblical basis of Genesis 6 but soon departs from it. The fallen angels are called the “Watchers” who in the movie fell from Heaven because they wanted to help the humans. So God punished them by turning them into super-sized rock people. The movie ignores the biblical fact that the fallen angels were demons who came to Earth to further corrupt humanity by procreating with human women, thus creating a superhuman hybrid race of people called the “Nephilim” who contributed to human technologies and also to the sinfulness that Genesis 6:1-5 says the attitudes and actions of humanity was evil all the time. While I can see the selfishness of an out of control sinful humanity ravaging the land to the point of deforestation and hunting animals to the point of near extinction, this movie is all about the political correctness of animal rights activists, vegetarianism and climate change proponents. In the eyes of this movie Earth and animals are good. People are bad. Vegetarians are good. People who eat meat are bad. Political correctness is good. Biblical correctness is not needed, necessary or wanted.

The movie deteriorates as Noah descends into a homicidal psychosis convinced that God wants them to be the last generation of humanity on Earth and thus threatens to kill the unborn baby of his eldest son Shem and daughter in-law. It’s Noah’s wife who brings him back to the sanity of God’s salvation of their lives in that they are to repopulate the Earth with God’s image and likeness which is the human race born in innocence, purity and love.

The movie puts a Satanist type character “Tubal Cain” a supposed great grandson of Cain the self-appointed, meat eating, tyrant dictator of the local evil community, in the ark with Noah and his family, which is also not in the Bible. The movie skips over the biblical fact that it took 100 years to build the ark which would have made everyone a lot older and the fact that all three sons had wives thus being able to repopulate the Earth. Although admittedly first cousins would have had to marry. In the movie neither the middle son Ham or the youngest Japheth have wives. So I don’t know how they’re going to help repopulate the Earth. After the ark settles on Mt. Ararat Ham leaves the family after seeing Noah naked which kind of in the scriptures. Although in the movie Ham is the middle son, in the Bible Ham is the youngest of Noah’s sons (Genesis 9:22-25).

My point is this; don’t be surprised that atheists write and direct movies that are liable and slanderous to their claimed biblical basis, that leave out biblical correctness that is considered to be politically incorrect. Maybe Christian and Jewish organizations should start suing writers, directors, producers, actors and movie companies for slandering the Old and New Testaments. Notice they don’t do that to Mohamed or to Muslims. But above all, don’t get your theology from movie theaters. Go to movies for fantasy. Go to church and read the Bible for reality about God and life with God.

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